Our Styles

A man wearing a grey stylish suit A man wearing a black suit with grey collar A man wearing a polka dot suit A man wearing a cream color native wear, with brown embroidery A teal green agbada with large embroidery, placed on mannequin A native wear packed in custom Grandeur box

An overview

Grandeur Tailors is a Nigeria-based custom tailor shop with a strong commitment to excellence. We believe there is nothing better than a tailor-made outfit, and our mission is to give that to everyone who wants it.

We've been crafting suits and other corporate and native wears for Nigerian men. We ensure that every customer feels confident by choosing designs and styles that fit them. We strive to meet the personal needs of every client that does business with us.

With our custom-made clothing, our clients will be able to find their desired fabrics, colours, and styles. We personally make every article of clothing and focus on providing a high level of customer service, which leads to customer satisfaction.

Learn About Us
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Why Choose Us

01. Skill

Creating something that is individual and specially made to fit well on you is an art in itself that we embrace completely. We create high value investment in the wardrobes of Nigerian men who are sticklers for looking good.

02. Experience

From outer shells and linings to buttons and stitches, every element of our products is a work of art borne out of years of experience in innovative tailoring. And when you do business with us, you are not just buying outfits; you are actually personalizing this vast experience we've garnered over the years.

03. Quality

While our products come at affordable prices, they are of world-class quality. We use the best and most suitable fabrics and materials available to craft top-grade outfits that will last long and never look or feel cheap. We never compromise on quality.